Amira-Avizo Software 2021.1 Download Page

IMPORTANT: Make sure to have administrator rights in order to install Amira-Avizo.

Please note that Avizo for Industrial Inspector Software (available on Windows only) is now included in Amira-Avizo installer.

Amira-Avizo 2021.1 for Microsoft Windows

Download Amira-Avizo 2021.1 for Microsoft Windows 64-bit (3.1 GB)

Amira-Avizo 2021.1 for CentOS (RHEL) Linux

Download Amira-Avizo 2021.1 for CentOS Linux 64-bit (2.4 GB)
If the download doesn’t start when clicking on the above link, please right-click on it and select “Save link as…” to save the installer in the directory of your choice.
Download Amira-Avizo 2021.1 debug libraries for XPand extension for CentOS Linux 64-bit (2.9 GB)
Before downloading this additional package, please make sure to have installed Amira-Avizo 2021.1 XPand during your primary installation.


About Amira-Avizo 2021.1 License Management

You will find complete details about Amira-Avizo licensing and activation in Amira-Avizo Software License Manager.

If you are using Floating Licenses, managed by a FlexNet License Server, make sure to have installed version 11.16.6 or higher of the FlexNet tools on your system. For more details and download links, please refer to: FlexNet Floating License Server Documentation and Utilities Download Links

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