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Imaging Codec Pack installer

Version 3.15.0.  Released October 22, 2020

Release Notes

What’s new:

  • The center frame of Amira and Avizo image stacks is now used as Windows thumbnail


The Thermo Scientific Imaging Codec Pack enables previewing and thumbnail support of electron microscopy specific image formats in all Windows Imaging Component (WIC) based software, like; Windows Explorer, Windows Photo Viewer and Microsoft Office.

The installer is applicable for both online (on the microscope) and offline installation.
Features for the supported electron microscopy image formats:
– Thumbnail and preview support in Windows Explorer.
– View image properties in Windows Explorer.
– Open electron microscopy images with Windows Photo Viewer (including support for browsing through complete image stacks).
– Windows context menu ‘Save As’ option to bitmap, jpeg, png and tiff.
– Directly insert electron microscopy images into Microsoft Office documents.
– Convert tomography tilt series into video.