Avizo 9.4 Download Page

WARNING: If you are using Floating Licenses, managed by a FlexNet License Server, make sure to have installed version 11.14.0 or higher of the FlexNet tools on your system. For more details and download links, please refer to: FlexNet Floating License Server Documentation and Utilities Download Links

IMPORTANT: Make sure to have administrator rights in order to install Avizo.

Avizo 9.4 for Microsoft Windows

Download Avizo 9.4 for Microsoft Windows 64-bit (1.9 GB)

Avizo 9.4 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Download Avizo 9.4 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64-bit (1.46 GB)
If the download doesn’t start when clicking on the above link, please right-click on it and select “Save link as…” to save the installer in the directory of your choice.
Download Avizo 9.4 debug libraries for XPand extension for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64-bit (828 MB)
Before downloading this additional package, please make sure to have installed Avizo 9.4 XPand during your primary installation.

Avizo 9.4 for OS X

Download Avizo 9.4 for OS X 64-bit (1.23 GB)

IMPORTANT: You need to make sure that your security settings allow installation of Avizo, which does not come through the Apple Store. To do so, go to the Preferences, select Security & Privacy, and check “Anywhere”.

If the package installation fails, please open a terminal window, navigate to the directory where you downloaded the installer, then run the command:
sudo installer -allowUntrusted -pkg “Avizo-940-MacOSX64-gcc42.pkg” -target /

Note: The “Anywhere” option is no longer available by default on macOS Sierra.
To allow installation of Avizo, just right-click on the installer and select Open.

About Avizo 9.4  License Management

You will find complete details about Avizo licensing and activation at:
Avizo License Management Documentation